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Re-Piping House Mission Viejo CA

Having a well-functioning, strong and systematic piping system is an important aspect of any home. From showering, washing clothes and dishes, using the toilet, to something as simple as washing your hands, it all depends on the plumbing network of our homes. However, over years, even the best of the piping system tends to fall apart leading to clogging, leaks, flooding, and rusty water. If you are facing plumbing issues despite repetitive repair work, its time you contact Mission Viejo Plumber Champions for repiping the house.

Warning signs to look out for that require immediate attention:

  1. Leaking pipes
  2. Corrosion and rusting of pipes leading to foul taste and discoloration of water
  3. Bursting pipes that may cause flooding
  4. Recurrent plumbing issues despite repair
  5. Reduced water pressure in shower, sink and faucet

If you are facing these issues despite having them fixed in the past, it is time you contact a trustworthy plumbing, have the whole plumbing network inspected and consider repiping the house. Mission Viejo Plumber Champions is the answer for all your plumbing and repiping worries. We provide all services required in the process.

Repiping simply means removing all of the existing pipes in the house and replacing them with the new ones. Repiping the whole house is not an easy decision to make. Whether repiping is absolute necessary or not? What types of pipes are best suited for your home’s plumbing network? How long would the whole process take? How much would the whole process cost?

Once you contact Mission Viejo Plumber Champions for repiping the house, our experienced technicians would come to your house and inspect the plumbing layout and foundation of the entire house. At times a simple pipe/drain repair may yield desired results. At others, the obsolete and outdated materials like lead pipes and iron pipes have to be replaced with more invasive pipes. Our plumbers shall analyze the situation using video camera inspection to check if partial repiping would solve the plumbing problems or not. If the whole plumbing foundation is shaken, as in most of the pipes are rusted and leaking or cracked, then it is in your best interest to have the entire house repiped.

Having the whole plumbing network repiped in a residence involves replacing of potable water and domestic piping as well as waste water piping. Our technicians, being thorough professionals would explain the situation and the amount of damage done to the plumbing network. Depending on the size of the house and the plumbing network layout, the technician will inform you about the costing. Once you agree to it, they’ll pan out the whole repiping process with you. It also includes selecting the pipes that you want to use for repiping your house.

Types of Piping

When repiping the entire house, it is important to understand that there are different types of pipes, each having its own pros and cons. The type of pipe you use in your home depends on various factors such as climatic conditions in your area, durability of the pipe, resistance to acidic substance if water in your area has high PH value, and your budget.

There are three major variants of pipes that are most commonly used these days, namely, PEX, copper and CPVC.

  1. PEX/AquaPEX: PEX (crosslinked polyethylene) pipes are highly flexible making them withstand extreme weather conditions such as freezing without bursting. The installation cost for these pipes is quite less in comparison to other types. These pipes are more resistant to acidic substances as well as corrosion and rust buildup, making their shelf life long. PEX pipes also provide greater water pressure at your fixtures.

The downside of PEX pipes is that they can be damaged by Ultra-Violet rays and should not be used outdoors. Furthermore, they cannot be connected to a water heater.

  1. Copper: Copper pipes are an upgraded version of galvanized iron pipes (iron pipes covered with zinc coating to prevent corrosion) as the zinc coating used to erode over time, allowing rust to form. Copper pipes are highly durable and last longer than PEX. The joints are strong enough to not let water seep or leak.

The drawback of installing copper pipes is that they cost more than the other pipe options.

  1. CPVC: Chlorinated PolyVinyl Chloride, CPVC, has so many features making it an improvement to standard PVC pipes. They are most commonly used for household drainpipes, vents and waterlines because of its resistance to root intrusion and durability against leakage. It also withstands heat and resists corrosion. CPVC also provides great flexibility and strength. They are resistant to chemicals and scale or debris build up.

Once the type of pipe is decided and all the required materials are procured, our team of plumbers would have the whole system repiped with precision and efficiency, as quickly as possible.

With decades of experience up our sleeves, we are a company you can rely on. Therefore, for repiping your home, Mission Viejo Plumber Champions are your trustworthy partners. Rooter Service.