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Keep a functional and hygienic plumbing system in your home by proper repair and maintenance of the main sewer line. Mission Viejo Plumber Champions provides experienced technicians and all the equipment required to carry out the task of cleaning the main sewer line, including 24×7 emergency services. Call us today for mainline sewer cleaning Mission Viejo. 100% satisfaction guarantee: If you’re not happy, we refund your money and you don’t pay! 

Main Line Sewer Cleaning Mission Viejo CA

The plumbing network in a house consists of two parts. One is freshwater system that transfers clean water from the municipal line into the home and subsequently runs cold and hot water lines to the showers, bathtubs, kitchen sink, etc. The second part is waste water system that takes waste and sewage out of the home through drains into the septic tanks or the main city line. The most important component of the waste water system is the main sewer line, which takes collective waste outside the home.

An average homeowner does not give much thought to the existence and functionality of the main sewer line, until some damage occurs because of clogging. The sewer system in our homes takes a lot of stress being used over a long time and being situated underneath the surface. While a plugged toilet or sink looks like a small clogging issue upfront, often the problem lies deep inside the main sewer line. This can lead to stress, damage to your property and is waste water backup is hazardous for your health as well.

When Do You Know You Need Main Sewer Line Cleanup Services?

Main Line Sewer Mission Viejo CA

It is difficult for a homeowner to identify when a sewer line needs repair as the main sewer line is located underground. Therefore, it is important that you understand the symptoms associated with a sewer line problem.

  1. Simultaneous water clogging in multiple pipelines: A single faucet, sink or bathtub drain getting clogged might mean the problem is with a particular drain line. However, multiple drains in your home getting clogged at the same time indicate the problem with the main sewer line. Since the whole plumbing system is interconnected, blockage in the main sewer line can certainly lead to multiple drains getting choked.
  2. Smelly drains: When the main sewer line gets clogged, the sewer gas starts pushing through the home drains leading to foul odor in the house. If you notice this kind of odor from multiple drains in the house, its time you contact your trusted main sewer line cleaner and get the pipes inspected.
  3. Unusual behavior from different plumbing access points: When the main sewer line of the system is blocked, the whole plumbing network goes haywire. For example, gurgling sound coming from faucet, bathroom or kitchen sink. While flushing the toilet, dirty water comes up from the bathtub drain, etc. These all are tell tale signs of the main sewer line being clogged, needing immediate attention.

If any of these situations occur, contact Mission Viejo Plumber Champions for sewer line cleaning.

How Sewer Line Cleaning Helps?  

Having the main sewer line cleaned once in a year, you remove all the debris and scale build up in the pipes. Any kind of tree or shrub root invasion is also taken care of. With sewer line cleaning your home is safe from any unfortunate damage due to leakage and flooding and saves you from the embarrassment as well as a lot of your money.

How to Unclog Main Sewer Line

Two techniques are mainly used for unclogging the main sewer line.

  1. Auger or snake: Plumber’s auger or snake of longer length is used to unclog the main sewer line. The auger is inserted deep in the sewer drain, turning the hand crank and boring through the clog to push it out. It might take several attempts, but you’d be able to unclog with the auger.
  2. Sewer Jetter nozzle for a power washer: In this method, high pressured water is passed through specially configured nozzle, clearing and unclogging all the scale buildup inside the drain. This is a much faster process than using an auger.

The main line sewer cleaning job requires trained professional plumbers as well as sewer technicians who have the skills, expertise and experience in handling such issues. Also, special equipments like auger and jetter nozzle are required to unclog the sewer drains. Our technicians at Mission Viejo Plumber Champions undertake the entire cleaning process taking care of the dirty work, bringing to your attention any issues that we may notice and educating you on the best way to maintain your main sewer line system.

Mission Viejo Plumber Champions provide the best drain and sewer cleaning services in the region. You can trust our team of plumbers to provide you best services leaving a clean, hygienic and properly functional sewer line system. Hydro jetting.